Lumineers donate tour van to Colorado Public Radio

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The Lumineers

Grammy-nominated Denver band The Lumineers generously donated their old touring van to Colorado Public Radio earlier this month.

The vehicle, a 2001 Ford Windstar van, played a vital part in Lumineers history. It was the very car co-founders Jeremiah Fraites and Wesley Schultz drove from New Jersey to Denver when they decided to revitalize their music career with a move westward. The band soon gained worldwide fame with their 2012 debut album.

The band also used the van on its first tour in September 2010. Fraites estimates they drove it close to 30,000 miles in one month.

After bidding farewell to the vehicle, which at one time bore vanity plates reading "LUMINRS," the band sent the vehicle off to auction, with proceeds from the sale benefiting Colorado Public Radio.

"This is the modern-day musician," Schultz told OpenAir's Jessi Whitten. "We don't trash hotel rooms. We donate cars to CPR."

Listen to audio from the donation above, and see photos below.

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