Homeowners making noise about louder, wider C-470

Homeowners in Highlands Ranch are worried that a wider C-470 will create too much noise or even decrease property values, reported the Highlands Ranch Herald.

At a recent open house by the Colorado Department of Transportation, sound acoustics and civil engineering experts were on hand to answer questions.

The project is expected to cost $269 million and could increase sound levels as much as 10 decibels.

The second night drew more than 60 people who had questions pertaining to everything from how the studies were conducted to what impacts the noise might have on home values.

Any homeowners exposed to sound below 66 decibels are considered not impacted by traffic noise, Chesser said, citing state and federal standards.

Those who are affected will have the opportunity to vote on whether they want a noise barrier, such as a wall or berm, and a vote of 50 percent in favor is required to build a barrier. The extent of mitigation measures will also be weighed against construction costs.

Some residents were upset that their homes were not within the zone that recommended noise abatement features

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