In Longmont, how to stop a neighbor’s ‘drone snooping’

A Longmont resident wrote to the Johnnie St. Vrain column at the Times-Call to complain that a man, "the garden peeper," is spying on his neighbors via drone. "Are there rules for flying those drones over private property's in the city of Longmont?" the writer asked.

Call the FAA Flight Standards District Office, or else, talk it out, was trh response:

"There are no city codes that limit (drones') use over neighborhoods," Community and Neighborhood Resources Manager Jon Clarke told me via email. "I would encourage your reader to have a conversation with their neighbor about their concerns about the operation of the drone above their yard. They may find that their neighbor is just a wannabe helicopter pilot and with the affordability of and lack of rules for drones, they are just practicing their flying skills. That conversation could also provide an opportunity for their neighbor to understand their concerns about flying over their yard and how it makes them feel like they are being spied upon."

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