Colorado Matters – Tuesday, November 25, 2014 (Full Episode)

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Originally aired on November 25, 2014, this episode of Colorado Matters includes:

  • Denver students tackle a tough assignment - Im not racist, am I: Dozens of schools around metro Denver recently gave a provocative and uncomfortable assignment to their students: Watch a documentary film called, “I’m Not Racist, Am I?” It chronicles a year in the lives of 12 high school students from New York City, talking about race and privilege. It coincides with the film’s release and an exhibit at the History Colorado Center.
  • Colorado teen struggles to navigate her black and white identities: April Edwards says that as a child, her white mother and black father didn't talk about race very much with her and her brother. As she grows up, Edwards is becoming more interested in the topic, and it's changing the way the Denver family addresses it. Edwards is a senior at Colorado Academy and this fall her class watched a documentary called "I'm Not a Racist... Am I?" One of the characters, Abby, has a white mother and a black father. Edwards relates to Abby.
  • Armed teachers in Colorado classrooms - Some are already training: Should teachers in Colorado be allowed to have guns in school? That question is almost certain to come up next year at the state Capitol as lawmakers address the issue of how to reduce violence in schools. About 400 Colorado teachers spent a Saturday taking a gun safety class earlier this month in a hangar at Centennial Airport south of Denver. The event was sponsored by the Centennial Gun Club. And just last week, Gov. John Hickenlooper said he’s willing to consider the idea.
  • Boulder chef, farmer wants you to grow your own food, too: Boulder chef Eric Skokan has put together lots of menus in his time, but it was always kind of a slog until he became a farmer. Then, he says, his dishes came alive. He’d pull some fresh vegetable from the soil and get inspired. Skokan is a force to be reckoned with in the farm-to-table movement. At both his restaurants, produce and animals from his farm take center stage. His has a new cookbook, called “Farm Fork Food: A Year of Spectacular Recipes Inspired by Black Cat Farm."