Ian Cooke talks new dinosaur-themed album

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Photo: Ian Cooke talks dinosaur album
Ian Cooke

For his latest album, Denver singer-songwriter Ian Cooke decided to put aside "matters of the heart" and instead write about one of his lifelong passions: dinosaurs.

Cooke brought his band back to OpenAir recently to chat about his forthcoming album "Antiquasauria," which includes entires on the Stegosaurus, Quetzalcoatlus and other prehistoric creatures for which Cooke probably had limited rhyming opportunities.

Cooke and his bandmate Ian O'Dougherty covered a wide range of dinosaur topics while chatting with Alisha Sweeney: his favorite dinosaur, how he researched for the album, the best pop culture representation of dinosaurs and even a failed attempt to send some music to Pixar for its upcoming film "The Good Dinosaur."

"They immediately sent their lawyer after me," O'Dougherty said.

​Listen to the full interview above.