Talks planned about future of Winter Park ski train

<p>(Photo: Courtesy Flickr user <a href="" target="_blank">Todd Jones</a>/Creative Commons)</p>
<p>The Ski Train in downtown Denver in 2008.</p>
Photo: Ski train in Denver
The Ski Train in downtown Denver in 2008.

About 900 people rode the train to the resort over the weekend for a special run to celebrate Winter Park's 75th anniversary.

Amtrak's route director for the train, Jim Brzezinski, told The Denver Post that the sold-out run was "an absolute success" and said Amtrak would work very hard to operate the train again next season.

Winter Park president Gary DeFrange says he knows there will be some hurdles but says he's "pretty confident we will get something going."

The train stopped running in 2009 because of high insurance and other costs.


Information from: The Denver Post