‘Racing Extinction,’ birdsongs and more wild conversations on Colorado Matters

(Photo: Courtesy of Racing Extinction)
Photo: Lynx
A lynx trudging through the snow.

This Friday on Colorado Matters, we take a look back at some of our favorite shows about wildlife.

  • "Racing Extinction": Boulder filmmaker Louie Psihoyos warns in a documentary that, in the next century, up to 50 percent of the species on Earth could be lost.
  • The mystery of the lynx: Eric Odell, with Colorado Parks and Wildlife, talks about tracking more than 200 wild lynx, and their offspring, released into the wild in 2006.
  • Pure buffalo: An update on a herd of genetically pure bison that will be released just north of Fort Collins in November, with Jack Rhyan, a USDA wildlife specialist.
  • Birds and the bees: Josh Melby, of Colorado Parks and Wildlife, talks about the Greater Prairie Chicken Festival, mating rituals included.
  • Birds in the songs: Listen to how Boulder singer-songwriter Marie-Juliette Bird integrate birdsong into her album, “The Water is Rising.”