Map: Drivers Get Squeezed As Four Boulder Streets Gain Bike Lanes


The city of Boulder is planning to give four bike lanes bigger buffers and more space this summer. But to do that, they're getting rid of one vehicle lane on each of the planned lanes.

In two of the planned lanes, Boulder Senior Transportation Planner David "DK" Kemp told the Daily Camera cars traveling along these routes shouldn't be slowed by more than 78 seconds. Overall, planners expect that the impact on travel times will be small, even in the future, according to Kemp.

By making existing bike lanes bigger, the city hopes to bring not just more cyclists, but different ones:

A major goal of these projects, which are Phase II of a Living Laboratory initiative that started in 2013, is to get more people from outside the young, fit male demographic that makes up the majority of cyclists to make more trips by bike.