Photos: Street Flooding, Damage After Powerful Storm In Metro Denver


Posted 5:30 p.m. | Updated 7:45 a.m.

Via The Associated Press: The National Weather Service is investigating whether a tornado or strong winds caused serious damage to a home in Aurora after a powerful storm moved through the Denver area at the height of rush hour Wednesday afternoon.

Aurora police posted photos showing some funnel clouds in the sky during the storm, which brought heavy rain and swirling wind that stripped leaves off trees.

The rain flooded intersections and left some without power. Employees still at work were urged to stay inside but others waded across flooded intersections downtown. About 30 flights had to be diverted from Denver International Airport.

Trees were also uprooted, with some still blocking roads Thursday morning.

There were no reports of serious injuries or deaths.

Here's how the storm played out on Twitter:

The hail is denuding trees in Denver. Denuding, I say! #9wx #cowx

Bike home carefully this afternoon #cowx

If you're riding home out in Aurora...please be careful. #cowx #BiketoWorkDay

Street flooding at 17th and Humboldt. #cowx

Street flooding in uptown, multiple cars stranded #cowx

Denver flooding moving parked cars #Cowx

MT @NWSBoulder: 5:24 PM Tornado Warnings cancelled for the Denver area. Storm continues to produce very heavy rain lightning! #cowx

As of 5:27pm, Rainfall amounts in the last hour over Denver. Flash Flood Warning in effect! #cowx

Loan storm parked over city, Flash Flood Warning remains in effect.

On this #BiketoWorkDay, Cherry Creek has devoured the paths. #9wx #cowx

The tarp has been pulled off the field at Coors. #9NEWS #9sports

Incredible sky over #Denver photo from Greg Throw. #COWX #SevereWeather Live radar: