Defense Expected To Rest This Week In Aurora Theater Trial

Photo: James Holmes sketch, profile, Aurora theater shooting trial
A courtroom artist's sketch of James Holmes.

James Holmes’ defense team plans to call one of their star witnesses to testify this week as the Aurora theater shooting trial winds down.

Holmes has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity for killing a dozen people at a midnight movie premier in 2012. His public defenders have focused solely on his mental state.

A key witness is expected to take the stand soon -- a psychiatric expert who found that Holmes was legally insane at the time of the attack. This expert is all the more important following a poor performance by a previous psychiatrist, Dr Jonathan Woodcock. He had difficulty defending his expertise and evaluation of Holmes under withering cross examination from the prosecution.

The prosecution can put on a rebuttal case after the defense rests, which is expected later this week. The court has tentatively scheduled closing arguments for next Monday. Sentencing, if necessary, is set for July 20 -- the three year anniversary of the shooting.