JeffCo School Board Recall Effort Says It’s Got Enough Signatures

<p>(Jenny Brundin/CPR News)</p>
<p>A banner from JeffCo United For Action, the group trying to recall three school board members. </p>

A group that wants to recall three conservative school board members in Jefferson County won't be collecting more signatures. JeffCo United For Action says it already has at least 25,000 signatures for each of the three board members.

For each board member that the group wants to recall, 15,000 signatures must be collected. It took 17 days for the group to finish collecting the signatures.

The petitions to recall board chair Ken Witt and members John Newkirk and Julie Williams center on attempts last fall to censor U.S. history classes. The petitions also allege that the group has violated open meeting laws and wasted money.

Now JeffCo United For Action needs to submit the signatures to the county clerk for verification. According to KDVR, that process could take about a month.

Meanwhile, another school group, Jeffco Students First, told the station that the signature collection process should've only taken a week. The group's executive director says that the school board has "made positive reforms for the district since being elected in 2013."