PTSD Sufferers Sue Colorado Board Of Health Over Pot Decision

(Photo: Courtesy of Ricardo Andre Pereyda)
<p>Some veterans who have served in combat in places like Iraq and Afghanistan say using marijuana has helped reduce their PTSD-related symptoms.</p>

Colorado's decision not to allow marijuana to treat post-traumatic stress disorder has prompted a lawsuit by PTSD sufferers.

Five PTSD patients filed suit Thursday in Denver District Court. They're challenging a July decision by the Colorado Board of Health not to make PTSD the first condition added to Colorado's medical pot eligibility list in 15 years.

The PTSD rejection came despite a recommendation from Colorado's chief medical officer and a panel of physicians. They said that questions remain about how effective pot is as a PTSD treatment, but that people with PTSD are commonly using pot anyway and that the designation would allow for better understanding about how people are using the drug.

Authorities have 21 days to respond to the complaint, which has no hearing date set.