The Mynabirds Perform At OpenAir, Talk Road Trip Themes Of ‘Lovers Know’

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Photo: The Mynabirds At OpenAir
The Mynabirds

The Mynabirds stopped into our CPR Performance Studio the day after performing at Denver's Hi-Dive. Fronted by Laura Burhenn, the band released the album "Lovers Know" this summer after a year of preparation.

Burhenn and her band performed four songs from "Lovers Know" and spoke with Alisha Sweeney about the road trip themes of the album, touring with the Postal Service and the inspiration of a recent trip to South Africa.

Stream the session above and read interview highlights below.

On the road trip themes of "Lovers Know":

"I’m not exactly sure that the sounds from the places influenced the record as much as the idea of road tripping. For me that meant going back to a lot of those mixtapes I had in my car when I was 16. I think those are a lot of the sounds that made it onto the record. It took a lot of miles of driving and flying to get that deep into my soul."

On her experience with recent travels to Africa and Oceania:

"Every person you meet in every city just has that same universal experience of what it means to be human. So often that does mean falling in love and getting your heart broken and getting back up and doing it again. That to me was the universal story I kept encountering over and over and over again."

Songs performed:

  • "Velveteen"
  • "Omaha"
  • "One Foot"
  • "Wildfire"