OpenAir’s Guide To Colorado Halloween 2015

Photo: OpenAir CPR pumpkins
Join us for Halloweekend on OpenAir from Oct. 29-31.

We're celebrating Halloweekend on OpenAir Oct. 29-31! Read up on our special programming and picks for live music on Halloween weekend.

On-Air Programming

We’ve Frankensteined together a ghost busting poltergeist of a playlist complete with our usual nightmare new music, candlelit Colorado cravings, decapitated classics and so much more.

  • Thursday, Oct. 29: Throwback Thursday Halloween (Selected oldies from the grooveyard of ghoulish goodies throughout the day); Mile High Noon: Halloween with a collection of spooky Colorado music
  • Friday, Oct. 30: Spine-tingling Halloween songs throughout the day, Freaky Friday Zombie Stomp from 6 - 8 p.m.
  • Saturday, Oct. 31: Supernatural super hits, vampire vinyl, mummified mashups and other Halloweekend horrors including:
    • 12 p.m.: Mile High Noon: Halloween

    • 5 p.m.: Retrofit “Witches Brewpub” (All witchwax boiled in B-side blood)

    • 6 p.m. – midnight: Halloweekend Zombie Stomp, wall to wall screams and themes up until the witching hour.

Live Music

Friday, Oct. 30

Saturday, Oct. 31