DCPA To Debut Immersive Theater Event On Halloween

The Denver Center for the Performing Arts has chosen a night of costumes, tricks and treats to launch its first immersive experience outside of the traditional theater.

The DCPA's Off-Center program will host "Carpe Nocte" on Halloween night. Other than time and ticket prices, the details are mostly a mystery. But that's the point, as the organization seeks to break down theater conventions like the "fourth wall."

"Your trials will take you on buses to the uncharted, to domains large and small, through a bedlam of loud music and bright lights," the event promises.

DCPA president Scott Shiller told CPR News in May that he is using a $410,000 grant from the Wallace Foundation to target millennials.

"Coming up with new, immersive and off-site experiences is a way to make theater relevant for the 21st century," Shiller said.