Telekinesis Performs At OpenAir, Talks New Electronic Direction

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Photo: Telekinesis performs at OpenAir
Telekinesis performs at OpenAir.

Telekinesis is the project of Seattle singer and drummer Michael Lerner, who has collaborated with members of Death Cab for Cutie among others. His fourth album, “Ad Infinitum,” is a shift from the catchy power pop of his previous records toward 1980s-inspired electronica.

Before a show at Denver's Hi-Dive, Telekinesis stopped into the CPR Performance Studio and performed three songs from "Ad Infinitum." Lerner also spoke with OpenAir about ditching guitars for synthesizers, the advantages of working in a home studio and how his drumming and singing mesh with one another.

Stream the full session above. Interview highlights:

On working in his new home studio

"Every other time I've made a record it has been within a two week period, just because of a time situation with the studio and also not having enough money to be in there for a Fleetwood Mac amount of time.

"Being able to have an infinite amount of hours in my own space was pretty great because I was trying to learn how to work a lot of the stuff I had bought. ... If I was trying to do that while having to pay $800 a day for a recording studio, it would have been kind of a bummer."

On blending drumming and singing for live performances

"When I first started the hardest part was just moving around while playing. I was so hyper-focused on playing the drum part and singing that I forgot to be a 'frontman.'"

Songs performed:

  • "Sylvia"
  • "Courtesy Phone"
  • "Ad Infinitum Pt. 2"