Cautious Welcome For Paris Climate Change Accord In Colorado

Near Paris, 196 nations voted Saturday to adopt an agreement aimed at curbing global warming. Back in Colorado, Terry Odendahl, head of Boulder-based Global Greenplants, says the accord is a just the first step.

“I really think it will be important for mostly nonprofit organizations and scientists to keep governments accountable,” said Odendahl.

Odendahl’s nonprofit has attended climate talks since 2009 to raise attention to grassroots voices.

Aspen Mayor Steve Skadron was at several events at the global conference this year, and he left feeling hopeful.

“I’m hopeful that the agreement will spur banks to perhaps shift their loan portfolios in a way that energizes the pursuit of different kinds of energy sources away from what we’ve been doing traditionally,” Skadron said.

Aspen is one of three U.S. cities to run completely off renewable energy.

Scientists who have analyzed the Paris deal say it will only cut greenhouse gas emissions by half of what is necessary to prevent future devastating consequences. But President Barack Obama says the deal shows the world is “fully committed to a low-carbon future.”