David Wax Museum Performs At OpenAir, Talks New Mexican Folk-Inspired Album

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<p>(Photo: CPR / Daniel Mescher)</p>
<p>David Wax Museum</p>

David Wax Museum's latest album, "Guesthouse," is an adventurous blend of Mexican and American folk music. Frontman David Wax sings about themes of parenthood and his marriage to bandmate Suz Slezak behind a mix of electronic and acoustic instruments.

The Charlottesville, Va.-based band stopped into the CPR Performance Studio last month while on tour behind the "Guesthouse" album. In addition to performing songs from the new album, Wax and Slezak spoke with Alisha Sweeney about their collaborative songwriting process, bringing their daughter on tour and their love of Mexican folk music.

Stream the full session above and read highlights below.

Wax on integrating his personal life into the music of "Guesthouse":

"Some of the stuff I had written on the previous records, I was at a place where I was feeling more guarded about our private life. ... Now that we have our daughter with us, so much of what we're doing just feels like the family life and community life is so integral and tied into the music."

Wax on taking inspiration from Mexican folk music:

"I think if you knew the traditional (Mexican folk) music and you heard it ... it's kind of gone though the blender of the Museum. I think it's become our own weird thing now, which is what I hope for. We have these jumping off points and inspirations but we can make it into our own thing and put our stamp on it."

Songs performed:

  • "Every Time Katie"
  • "Guesthouse"
  • "When You Need Somebody"