Watch St. Vincent Describe Her New Signature Guitar

Annie Clark of St. Vincent has designed a signature electric guitar model for the Ernie Ball Music Man series. In a new video, Clark describes the inspiration behind the project and takes a trip to the Ernie Ball factory to oversee the model's production. Watch it above.

"A guitar can be so many things," she says. "For me in my life it's been a shield. It's been a weapon and a vehicle by which I've gotten to have an incredible artistic and emotional life."

Clark was inspired at a young age by a guitar seen in the Ritchie Valens biopic "La Bamba." She spent much of her youth sketching her own guitar models.

"It had to be really, really, really friendly," Clark said of her model. "It had to be the kind of guitar that you pick up and you don't want to play any other guitars."

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