Snowmass Police Say No To Pot Vape Party During X Games

Snowmass revelers celebrating the upcoming 2016 X Games will not be doing so at a so-called "vape party" after police denied an event promoter's request.

The Aspen Daily News reports that a promoter had asked the owner of Turks music club in Snowmass if he could hold a marijuana vaporizer party during the games, which will be held from Jan. 28 to Jan 31 in Aspen.

Snowmass Village police chief Brian Olson says he checked with the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement office in Grand Junction, and found even with wristbands at a private event, the party-goers would still be in public. Smoking marijuana in public is illegal.

Olson says until the state creates a license for smoking lounges, similar events will have to be turned down.