Colorado Lawmakers Makes Tearful Apology After DUI Arrest

State Rep. Dan Pabon made a tearful public apology to his colleagues Monday for his DUI arrest last week.

Pabon, a Democrat who represents northwest Denver, was stopped by police late on Saint Patrick’s Day after making an illegal turn.

In a brief statement Monday, Pabon told his fellow lawmakers he plans to accept full responsibility for his actions.

A sobbing #COleg Rep. @Dan_Pabon said he'll "accept the penalties" for his DUI arrest. #9NEWS #COpolitics

"I will never repeat this mistake," Pabon said. "I sincerely and truly apologize to my wife and kids, my family, and my colleagues."

Pabon noted the irony that he’s supported bills to toughen the penalties for drunk driving. This session he co-sponsored a measure intended to get more DUI offenders to meet with victims of drunk driving as a part of their punishment.

"Today, needless to say, I believe in this legislation more than I did five days ago," Pabon said.

Gov. John Hickenlooper is expected to sign the DUI victim impact bill this week.