Denver Nuns To Argue Contraception Case At US Supreme Court

March 23, 2016
Photo: Little Sisters of the Poor at court(Megan Verlee/CPR News)
Several members of the Little Sisters of the Poor were outside the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver.

Nuns with Little Sisters of the Poor feel the system makes them complicit in supplying lay employees with birth control.

Denver nuns take opposition to contraception coverage to court - See more at:

The federal government allows religious organizations to opt out of covering contraception in their insurance plans. But they do have to let regulators know they’re opting out. That allows the government to provide employees with birth control through another route.

Lawyers for the Little Sisters of the Poor say signing the opt-out form makes them a party to supplying contraction, something their faith forbids.

The federal government argued successfully in the lower courts that its policy is not an undue burden on religious expression. Both sides make their case in front of the eight current Supreme Court justices Wednesday morning.