Frightened Rabbit, ‘Get Out’

Frightened Rabbit will release the new album "Painting Of A Panic Attack" on Friday. It's the Scottish indie band's fifth record and follows bandleader Scott Hutchison's solo album as Owl John.

Frightened Rabbit teamed up with Aaron Dessner of The National for "Painting Of A Panic Attack," an album that continues Hutchison's lyrical themes of anxiety, alcoholism and lost love.

The single "Get Out" is one of the more energetic numbers we've heard so far from the album. It features a powerful chorus with manic guitars. According to Hutchison, the song is "about that person to whom you are completely addicted. They are a drug, and the one that you don't feel like quitting. They live in your blood and will not leave."

Frightened Rabbit performs at the Ogden Theatre on April 24.

Download "Get Out" via the link above.