Colorado DA Says Time-Off Policies Don’t Apply To Him

A Colorado District Attorney is defending his 6 ½ weeks of vacation in 2015, saying he is "a public servant, not a public slave."

The Denver Post reports that 5th Judicial District Attorney Bruce Brown, elected in 2013 and seeking re-election this year, said he isn't required to keep track of how many vacation days he takes.

Through a review of email newsletters that show the DA's weekly schedule, the newspaper found Brown took 33 days off in 2015, 28 days of in 2014 and 19 days off in 2013.

Employees in Brown's district can accrue up to 22 vacation days each year.

Each judicial district handles time off differently for elected officials. In the 5th, which includes Clear Creek, Eagle, Lake and Summit counties, there is no set limit.