Delta County GOP To Investigate Racist Meme

Delta County’s Republican leadership wants to more information on how the party’s chairwoman came to be connected with a racist photo on Facebook.

But they are not addressing calls for Linda Sorenson to resign.

Sorenson has given conflicting accounts of how an image depicting President Obama as a chimpanzee came to appear on her public Facebook page. In a statement she blamed what happened on “bad judgement.”

Tuesday night, county GOP leaders asked the party’s accountability committee to investigate the issue further. Delta county sheriff Fred McCay says they want to learn three specific things.

"The motion was that they look into any damage to the integrity of the local party, how the meme was transmitted, and then if the apology was sufficient," McCay said.

Sorenson’s apology statement describes the post as insensitive and asks for forgiveness. She also blamed “gotcha” journalism and focuses on the “stunning” vitriol directed against her. The regional chapter of the NAACP has called for Sorenson to resign.