In Denver, Trump Promises Colorado ‘I’ll Be Back’

Photo: Trump in Denver (AP Photo)
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during the opening session of the Western Conservative Summit, Friday, July 1, 2016, in Denver. The summit, which brings together Republicans from across the West, runs through Sunday.

Posted 1:30 p.m. | Updated 2:25 p.m.

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump campaigned in Colorado Friday for the first time this election season. And if he keeps his word, he'll be back again soon.

"We do have to win Colorado," Trump said at The Western Conservative Summit in Denver. "I’ll be back a lot."

Trump visited Boulder last fall for a Republican primary debate. But he hasn't been back since.

Trump also slammed Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch for their recent private meeting at the Phoenix airport. The FBI is currently investigating the security of Hillary Clinton's private email server.

"It shows what's going on, it shows what's happening with our laws, with our government." He adds: "Hillary is so guilty."

Lynch insists the conversation centered on grandchildren and golf.

Watch the full speech:

Outside the speech, police arrested three people after protesters clashed with Trump supporters.

A man grabbed pro-Trump bumper stickers from a woman outside the convention center, ripped them up and threw them in her face. A pushing match followed and people spilled into the street.

Police swarmed the crowd and ordered people to get out of the street. They led two men and a woman away, including the man who took the bumper stickers.

Until then the crowd had been lively, but peaceful. Some protesters sang "We Shall Overcome" and others waived the Mexican flag, saying "No justice, no peace."

At least one skeptical Republican said he was coming around to Trump. Jim McCotter, from Greenwood Village, had been a Ted Cruz supporter.

"Well, I’ve been more and more influenced as I’ve listened to Donald Trump," McCotter said. "And there’s no question what Hillary Clinton will do. She will destroy the country. I’d vote for anybody but Hillary Clinton."

The convention center auditorium where Trumps spoke was a little more than half full. Roughly 2,100 people paid $120 to be in the audience in the 3,600-seat venue.