10,000 Workers Join Chipotle Wage Theft Lawsuit

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<p>A Chipotle Mexican Grill.</p>
Photo: Chipotle Logo On Door (AP File)
A Chipotle Mexican Grill.

Lawyers for the workers say they now represent employees in virtually every state that Denver-based Chipotle operates.

And they’re not surprised at the staggering number of people who’ve joined the suit.

"Ten thousand people says to me, what has been our belief since the beginning, that this is happening throughout the country at various stores," said Andrew Quisenberry, with the Bachus and Schanker firm in Denver. "It’s not an isolated incident of Chipotle employees working off the clock."

Quisenberry said in some cases Chipotle automatically clocked employees out, even though they were still working. The lawsuit was filed a couple of years ago. After some legal wrangling, it's finally getting into the discovery phase.

Representatives from Chipotle maintain that the lawsuit is without merit.