With The Election Nearing, Political Money Flows Back To Colorado

Colorado TV watchers should expect to hear a lot from – and about – Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump between now and Election Day.

After taking a break on ad spending in Colorado, Clinton’s campaign bought more than a half-million dollars-worth of ads. Priorities USA – a super PAC that’s supporting Clinton – put in another $350,000. Taken together, campaign finance researcher Sandra Fish says that money equals more than 550 commercials between now and next Tuesday.

Republican candidate Donald Trump has been running ads consistently in the state. His campaign announced a $25 billion ad blitz in 13 key states, including Colorado.

Campaigns aren’t alone in their spending, as Ben Markus noted on Twitter:

Election results aren't in yet, but the real winners are political consultants, media buyers, etc. Here's the top 50 companies. #copolitics pic.twitter.com/KnrggBDZ78