Overcoats: ‘Leave The Light On’

· Apr. 17, 2017, 6:11 am

The members of Overcoats met as students at Wesleyan University. Singer and guitarisHana Elion told us about a pivotal moment in the band's history during their performance for OpenAir Sessions

"The basic story is that we were walking home from class and we walked into a tree," Elion says. "And we were friends ever since."

Elion and JJ Mitchell have gone on to write synth-pop songs with dreamy harmonies and folk influences. They release "Young" -- their debut album as Overcoats -- on Friday. The single "Leave The Light On" is one of the record's more uptempo songs, driven by a funky horn sample.

Download "Leave The Light On" via the link above.

Watch Overcoats perform the song in the CPR Performance Studio below.

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