Take A Trip Through Music History With Memorial Day Decades

Photo: OpenAir Decades collage 2017
(clockwise from top left): The Beatles, David Bowie, Run-D.M.C., St. Vincent, Spoon and Sleater-Kinney are all artists you might hear on Memorial Day Decades.

Join us Monday for Memorial Day Decades, an all-day special in which each hour celebrates the music of a single decade.

It kicks off at 6 a.m., when Mike Flanagan takes us through the 1960s. The playlist moves chronologically up to the current decade, then right back into the '60s. See the full schedule below.

We hope you'll join us for this journey through the past and present. In the meantime, enjoy a Memorial Day Decades Spotify playlist, featuring 10 songs from each of the decades included in our on-air special.

On-air schedule:

6 a.m.1960s
10 a.m.2000s
11 a.m.2010s
1 p.m.1970s
2 p.m.1980s
3 p.m.1990s
4 p.m.2000s
5 p.m.2010s
6 p.m.1960s
7 p.m.1970s
8 p.m.1980s
9 p.m.1990s
10 p.m.2000s
11 p.m.2010s