Waxahatchee: ‘Never Been Wrong’

· Jul. 10, 2017, 6:01 am

Katie Crutchfield has stayed remarkably busy since the release of 2015's "Ivy Tripp," her third album as Waxahatchee. The singer-songwriter has toured with Sleater-Kinney and Kurt Vile, reunited her punk band P.S. Eliot with twin sister Allison and reissued her debut Waxahatchee EP.

This week Crutchfield releases her next full-length, "Out In The Storm." "Never Been Wrong," like debut single "Silver," finds her solidifying the band with a hard-edged rock sound that's both summery and vicious. Crutchfield's lyrics are as biting as ever, with lines like: "Does it make you feel good to watch me stumbling in the dark?"   

Download "Never Been Wrong" via the link above.

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