Colorado Mills Is Open For Business After Devastating Hail Storm

<p>(Xandra McMahon)</p>
<p>Colorado Mills mall General Manager Kimra Perkins.</p>
Photo: Colorado Mills Mall Kimra Perkins, general manager
Colorado Mills mall General Manager Kimra Perkins.

The Colorado Mills mall in Lakewood reopened Tuesday after an epic, destructive hail storm and six months of renovations. But construction has not been completed yet and will continue into 2018.

In May, the Denver area was hit with what’s considered the most expensive and destructive hailstorm in Colorado’s history. Colorado Mills, the state’s largest shopping mall, saw extensive roof and water damage as a result.

Kimra Perkins, the mall’s general manager, said in addition to structural repairs, they’re doing a full interior redesign.

“Before the incident we actually had a very diverse color palette,” Perkins said. “Right now you’ll see we’re looking a lot more unified in our color.”

Perkins also said part of the renovation was giving the 15-year-old roof an upgrade.

“The good news about it being 15 years later from when you've actually been built and constructed is that the technology has actually improved -- in just about everything," she said.

Over the course of six months, construction workers replaced enough roof to cover more than 20 football fields.

“Colorado Mills 2.0,” as Perkins calls it, will open more than 100 stores throughout the holiday season but will remain under construction into 2018.