Watch: ‘OpenAir Live & Local’ Featuring Flobots: Season 4, Episode 4

<p>(Photo: CPR / Daniel Mescher)</p>

Last weekend's episode of "OpenAir Live & Local" is all about Flobots. The enduring Denver hip-hop band has played in the CPR Performance Studio three times, including a set this year that featured music from its new "NOENEMIES" album.

Episode 4 of Season 4, hosted by Alisha Sweeney, includes:

  • Flobots: "Sleeping Giant"
  • Flobots: "Stand Up"
  • Flobots: "Gonna Be Free"
  • Flobots: "May Nothing Disturb You"
  • Flobots: "Rattle The Cage"

Watch the episode above and check out more music from OpenAir Sessions with Flobots.

“OpenAir Live & Local” airs Saturdays at 9:30 p.m. on CPT12. Check out the full schedule for Season 4.

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