Hickenlooper Taps Current CDOT Executive To Lead Agency

Gov. John Hickenlooper announced Monday that Colorado Department of Transportation’s second-in-command, Michael Lewis, will lead the agency following the departure of current Executive Director Shailen Bhatt.

Lewis has also served as director of the Rhode Island Department of Transportation, according to a press release from the governor’s office.

“Mike has a reputation as a problem solver and brings an incredible transportation background to CDOT at a time when our state is faced with significant transportation challenges,” Hickenlooper said in a statement.

Some 70 percent of the state’s roads are in poor or mediocre condition, and CDOT says it has an annual funding gap of $1 billion.

“I’m honored to have the chance to work for Gov. Hickenlooper in this capacity and be part of this Cabinet,” Lewis said in a statement.

Lewis will take over the agency in December.