Bobby Bare Jr. Of Guided By Voices Spins Music By The B-52s, The Smiths At CPR’s OpenAir

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<p>(Photo: CPR / Daniel Mescher)</p>
<p>Alisha Sweeney and Bobby Bare Jr.</p>
Photo: Bobby Bare Jr. Guest DJ
Alisha Sweeney and Bobby Bare Jr.

Bobby Bare Jr. joined Guided By Voices last year as a touring guitarist. The Nashville musician and son of country singer Bobby Bare has released five solo albums and contributed to GBV's two most recent albums, "August By Cake" and "How Do You Spell Heaven."

Before a Guided By Voices show at Denver's Bluebird Theater, Bare Jr. stopped by CPR's OpenAir for a Guest DJ session with Alisha Sweeney. His music picks included some of his recent work, a Halloween-themed song from his father and a Smiths classic.

Listen to Bobby Bare Jr.'s Guest DJ interview above. Interview highlights:

On joining his father on stage as a child:

"Watching Dad onstage looked like a really cool gig. I wanted to do that. It looked like a blast.

"It was like if your Dad is an astronaut and he turns to you one day and goes, 'Hey man, do you wanna go? Wanna jump in?'"

On first hearing The Smiths, and Morrissey's voice, in 1984:

"I hated it for a week. Hated it! Hated his voice for a week. And then loved it so much I couldn't stand it. It was a great time for cool rock 'n' roll music."

Enjoy a Spotify playlist of Bobby Bare Jr.'s song selections below.