Destroyer Spins Music From The Fall, Aretha Franklin, Donovan At CPR’s OpenAir

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<p>(Photo: CPR / Daniel Mescher)</p>
<p>Dan Bejar of Destroyer with Alisha Sweeney</p>
Photo: Destroyer Guest DJ session OpenAir
Dan Bejar of Destroyer with Alisha Sweeney

Dan Bejar has been making music as Destroyer for more than two decades. Over that time the Canadian singer-songwriter has become one of indie rock's most gripping lyricists while exploring a diverse range of genres and sounds.

Bejar released his 12th Destroyer album, "ken," in October. While in town for a show at Denver's Bluebird Theater this month, he stopped by CPR's OpenAir for a Guest DJ session. His song selections included a tribute to the late Mark E. Smith of The Fall, some '70s soul from Aretha Franklin and a song from his recent tourmate Mega Bog.

Bejar also spoke with Alisha Sweeney about "ken," his recent tour and his music picks. Read interview highlights below.

Dan Bejar on growing up listening to bands like The Fall:

"It's pretty common to be a teenager in suburban Vancouver, or suburban anywhere in the mid '80s ... and really romanticize something like industrial Manchester or all those dour groups that came out of there as a form of complete escape or salvation."

On playing live shows:

"I generally close my eyes or stare deeply into my monitor. And then once in a while I'll gaze out at an exit sign or the bar. ... Someone will shout some lyrics in my face and I'll be forced to look at them for a second then turn away."

Enjoy a Spotify playlist of Destroyer's song selections below.