Memorial Day Decades: A Musical Road Trip Through Time With CPR’s OpenAir

· May 21, 2018, 3:14 pm
Photo: OpenAIr Staff Decades t-shirts
The CPR's OpenAir hosts rock T-shirts from bands of their given decade: Alisha Sweeney with R.E.M., Jessi Whitten with Matson Jones, Scott Carney with Talking Heads, Jeremy Petersen with The Smiths, Mike Flanagan with Grateful Dead and Bruce Trujillo with Ty Segall. 

Join us this Memorial Day for a musical road trip that spans nearly 60 years. Beginning at 6 a.m., each hour highlights some of the best and most influential music of a particular decade, from the 1960s up to the present. 

Each host from CPR's OpenAir has handpicked the featured songs for each 10-year span. Below, see the schedule and host for each decade and hour.

For a preview of Memorial Day Decades, check out some of the staff's favorite songs from each decade in the Spotify playlist below.

The on-air schedule:

6 a.m.1960s with Mike Flanagan
7 a.m.1970s with Scott Carney
8 a.m.1980s with Jeremy Petersen
9 a.m.1990s with Alisha Sweeney
10 a.m.2000s with Jessi Whitten
11 a.m.2010s with Bruce Trujillo
noon1960s with Mike Flanagan
1 p.m.1970s with Scott Carney
2 p.m.1980s with Jeremy Petersen
3 p.m.1990s with Alisha Sweeney
4 p.m.2000s with Jessi Whitten
5 p.m.2010s with Bruce Trujillo
6 p.m.1960s with Mike Flanagan
7 p.m.1970s with Scott Carney
8 p.m.1980s with Jeremy Petersen
9 p.m.1990s with Alisha Sweeney
10 p.m.2000s with Jessi Whitten
11 p.m.2010s with Bruce Trujillo

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