Parquet Courts Perform ‘Wide Awake!’ Songs At CPR’s OpenAir

· May 23, 2018, 7:18 pm

Parquet Courts released the new album "Wide Awake!" last week. The Brooklyn indie rock band teamed up with producer Danger Mouse for the politically-charged record. 

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Parquet Courts visited the CPR Performance Studio after a concert at the Gothic Theatre. The band members played some songs from "Wide Awake!" and spoke with Jeremy Petersen about working with Danger Mouse, the political themes on the album and why the new songs are so danceable. 

Stream the session and watch Parquet Courts perform "Total Football" above (Update: Audio is no longer available). Watch another video below and check out our Inside Track feature with the band. 

Songs performed:

  • "Total Football"
  • "Before The Water Gets Too High"

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