A GIF Guide To Convincing A Non-Voting Friend To Go Vote

· Nov. 1, 2018, 10:04 pm

The 2018 midterm election is right around the corner and — so far —  1,100,690 ballots have been returned. As of Nov. 1, there are 3,977,491 registered voters in the state. We’ll have to wait till after Election Day to get a sense of how many will vote. But you should know that nearly 30 percent of eligible voters in Colorado didn’t submit a ballot in 2016.

Why? And how do we get more people to participate?

Take a listen to the latest episode of Purplish: "The Holdouts" and then look at this quick guide to get that non-voter in your life out to the polls.

Do Your Research

Before you talk with your non-voter, make sure YOU understand what’s on your local ballot. Get clear on where candidates stand on issues that might be important to your non-voter, and how statewide propositions might impact them if they pass. You’ll want nonpartisan information to help you out.

You care.

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