5 Things To Know About OpenAir’s New Program Director

<p>Willobee Carlan</p>
Photo: Willobee Carlan profile
Willobee Carlan

It's official: CPR's OpenAir has a new program director. Willobee Carlan brings nearly four decades of radio and music management experience to our airwaves.

While we'll never forget the impact that OpenAir founder Mike Flanagan made on our station as our program director for seven years, we're excited to have someone fill his shoes (or sandals, if it's summertime).

Here’s what to know about the new leader of OpenAir:

  1. He has quite a name: Willobee Carlan. Where did he get it, and what does it mean? Is it a family name? A nickname? How many times has he been asked that? We'll find all that out soon.
  2. Carlan is no stranger to radio. He has managed stations all over the country, including California, Arizona, Texas and all across the northeast. Whether or not he’s a Patriots fan remains to be seen.
  3. He helped manage Korn. Yes, that Korn. Raise your hand if your favorite music video from 1998 was “Freak on a Leash.”
  4. Carlan made his mark on Austin, Texas, the “Live Music Capital of the World” (though we think Denver gives it a run for its money), by opening the Two River Canyon Amphitheater, where he brought artists like Neil Young, The Grateful Dead and Willie Nelson to perform.
  5. He comes to OpenAir from NV89 in Reno, Nevada, and even has a spot in the Nevada Broadcasters Hall of Fame.

Keep an ear out for Willobee on our airwaves! Until then, read more about our new program director.