Beirut Performs ‘Gallipoli’ Songs And Chats With OpenAir In New York City

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<p>Photo: CPR / Bruce Trujillo</p>
<p>Beirut performs in New York City</p>
Photo: Beirut in New York City
Beirut performs in New York City

Zach Condon's music as Beirut has a worldly folk sound characterized by a wide range of string, brass, organ and electronic instruments. The Berlin-based singer-songwriter released his fifth album, "Gallipoli," last month.

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Above, listen to Beirut's performance of three "Gallipoli" songs recorded live in New York City earlier this year. Condon also spoke with Bruce Trujillo about his collection of vintage organs, making the album in rural Italy and finding catharsis through music.

Songs performed:

  • "Gallipoli"
  • "Varieties of Exile"
  • "Landslide"