Environmentalists Sue To Expand Grizzly Restoration To Colorado, Other Western States

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks via AP
This undated file photo provided by the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks shows a sow grizzly bear spotted near Camas in northwestern Montana.

Wildlife advocates are seeking a court order that would force U.S. officials to consider if grizzly bears should be restored to more Western states following the animals' resurgence in the Northern Rockies.

Grizzly bears are protected as a threatened species outside Alaska. An estimated 1,900 bears live in portions of Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and Washington state.

In a lawsuit filed Thursday in federal court in Montana, the Center for Biological Diversity said grizzlies should also be considered for areas of California, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Nevada and Oregon. Colorado used to be home to grizzlies, but the last one was killed in 1979 in a fight with a backcountry outfitter.

The request comes after environmentalists successfully sued in 2018 to block grizzly hunts planned in Wyoming and Idaho.

Federal officials have appealed that ruling. They want to lift protections for about 700 bears in and around Yellowstone National Park.