Going To UMS This Weekend? Great. You’ll Need This BINGO Card

Kevin Beaty, Denverite and Francie Swidler, CPR News
Going to UMS? Great! We made this Bingo card for you to use while you're there.

The sweatiest weekend of the summer has arrived.

And while it may not reach 100 degrees this weekend (thank goodness), the Underground Music Showcase on South Broadway in Denver is always a hot spot.

Sure, there's local music: more than 350 shows at three outdoor stages and more than 15 indoor venues.

But there's also those classic fixins' that make UMS, well, UMS — like crestfallen scoops of ice cream plopped on the sidewalk, a heated but polite forum on Tevas vs. Chacos, mingling musicians and much more. Which is precisely why On Something (Colorado Public Radio's new podcast about life after marijuana legalization) helped us make handy UMS BINGO card for you to fill out.


  1. Print off the BINGO card below and bring it to UMS (duh). Don't forget a pen.
  2. Mark the squares off as you see them until you get five in a row. (On Something's the free space!)
  4. Take a photo of your winning BINGO card, add it to your Instagram story and tag @OnSomethingPod
  5. Wait and see what happens. Who knows ... you may even get a prize.

Be sure to give On Something and Indie 102.3 a big, sweaty UMS hug when you see us near the Showcase stage.

Kevin Beaty, Denverite and Francie Swidler, CPR News
Well, how you do you like that. It's your very own UMS Bingo card that you can print off and use this weekend!