A Second Palisade School Is Getting Cleaned This Weekend After Students Had Flu-Like Symptoms

Hart Van Denburg/CPR News
The arid Book Cliffs dominate the view from Palisade and Grand Junction. The highest point on the iconic geologic formation is Mt. Garfield. This photo was made in October looking across freshly cut hayfields from G Road.

A second school in Palisade is getting cleaned over the weekend after several students were sick at home on Friday, the Daily Sentinel reports.

Eight percent of Mount Garfield Middle School students were home with flu-like symptoms, District 51 spokeswoman Emily Shockley said. Some had acute-onset vomiting, which lasted between 12 and 24 hours. The health department does not know what the illness is but said it is behaving like a virus.

Palisade High School closed early Thursday and stayed closed Friday to be cleaned. Three hundred students and 20 percent of staff there didn't go to school. District officials are hoping to reopen Palisade High School Monday

The last time a school in the area was closed due to sickness was 2014, when a fast-spreading stomach virus closed Tope Elementary School in Grand Junction.