Results Are In: Your Top Songs of 2019!

Demi Harvey

What a mind-blowing year for music! Lizzo took on world domination and you thrived. You bopped with Chance the Rapper and his famous friends. Sharon Van Etten was your Comeback Kid. Tame Impala teased you with a few psychedelic singles. Then you rocked out hard with The Black Keys, Beck, and Spoon.

You showed our Denver artists some love too: Neoma, Esme Patterson, and Kiltro. You paired our Local 303 artists with chart topping heavy-hitters side-by-side on the air.

We gave you the incredible task of deciding your favorite songs from 2019 in our Listener Poll…and you DELIVERED!

Your votes (yes, you!) put this bomb list of amazing tunes together! Below is a Spotify playlist with your favorite songs of 2019: