13 Colorado Artists’ Tiny Desk Submissions We Loved

Tiny Desk Contest 2020

NPR's Tiny Desk Contest returned for its sixth year, giving unsigned and independent musicians an opportunity to perform a famed Tiny Desk Concert and get national exposure. Unlike last year, however, the Tiny Desk Concert Tour won't be happening due to the threat of COVID-19. However, that didn't stop Colorado artists from showing up to create engaging, unique, and fun performances anyway.

Out of the plethora of Colorado entries, we have chosen a few standouts. Take a look at some of the performances below. The winner of NPR's Tiny Desk Contest winner will be announced soon and we're rooting for our home-grown favorites.

Brionne Aigne "I Got It"

Corsicana "Parallax"

Dan Aid "The Bedroom Song"

Darcy Nelson "My Truth"

Desert Atlas "Nothing to Tell"

Glass Cases "Growing Up"

Kayla Marque "God Blame the Devil"

Kid Astronaut "The Alchemist"

Knuckle Pups "Great Behavior"

Liptruce "You Think You're Hollywood"

Nina de Freitas "What Will It Be"

Oxeye Daisy "If This Is How We End It"

The Reminders "Nowhere to Run"

As judges comb through the entries from every state in the country, NPR has also been sharing some of its favorite entries to this year's contest. They've selected these Colorado artists:

Zoe Berman "Age of the Sherbet Man"

Andrew Sturtz "Southern Night"