After Crowds Flock To Boulder Creek, Health Officials Say Social Distancing Rules Still Apply, Even On The Water

Cooling off in Boulder Creek
Hart Van Denburg/CPR News
Cooling off in Boulder Creek on Monday, May 18, 2018.

Boulder County health officials say people congregating around Boulder Creek in what appears to be a violation of public health orders on social distancing are potentially exposing themselves and others to COVID-19.

Officials said social distancing rules apply, even on the water in Boulder.

Social media video and pictures show large pockets of maskless people — easily more than 100 in total — gathered along the shore of the creek on Monday not following the current social distancing guidelines.

Boulder County Health Department spokesperson Chana Goussetis says officials are disappointed that some people appear not to be considering that they could infect others with COVID-19.

"We understand that this is a really difficult time for all of us," Goussetis said. "It's beautiful outside, we all want to finally get out and enjoy. But we're not there yet."

Health officials said they don't know if any of the people on the river have been ticketed for disobeying public health orders, but that they have been in contact with local law enforcement.

One Boulder City Council member, Rachel Friend, expressed her frustration at the photos in a tweet.