Colorado 2nd Congressional District 2020: Rep. Joe Neguse, Charlie Winn, Thom Atkinson And Gary Swing On The Issues

The freshman incumbent, Rep. Joe Neguse, was elected to represent the district in 2018, making this his first re-election bid. The Republican challenger, Charlie Winn is a medical doctor and veteran. The Libertarian candidate is Thom Atkinson and Gary Swing represents the Unity Party.

The candidates appear here in the order they are set on the ballot.

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Candidate Elevator Pitch

Rep. Joe Neguse

"In my first term, we’ve accomplished a lot for Colorado — introducing more legislation than any other freshman legislator, leading on climate change, passing major Colorado wilderness legislation through Congress, having more legislation enacted into law than any member of our state’s House delegation, and holding a record number of town halls to ensure accountability and accessibility to my constituents.

I’m proud of the work we’ve done for our state, but there is still more to do to ensure access to affordable healthcare for everyone, to aid our communities as they recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and ensure our economic recovery includes all Coloradans, and combat the existential threat of climate change.

If given the opportunity again to serve our wonderful community, I promise to continue listening and to work with whomever I can to tackle the critical issues facing our state and country. In Colorado, we know that when folks roll up their sleeves, work together, and lead with progress over gridlock, unity over division, and hope over fear, we can accomplish anything. And that’s exactly what we will continue doing to serve the communities we’re so fortunate to call home."

Charlie Winn

"Congress and in particular the House of Representatives has become far too partisan. It is no longer doing the people’s business. The childish behavior like the Speaker of the House tearing up the State of the Union address with such theatrics is unacceptable for our leaders. We need some civility and maturity. My opponent has had very little world experience and seems to feel all problems can be handled with one simple answer. I only wish life were so simple."

Thom Atkinson

"I am a moderate candidate fighting to keep your constitutional rights. As a rule, I do not vote the same as the minority or majority leader, but instead, represent the people. I want to stop the unconstitutional closure of the economy and schools (1st Amendment). I am pro-2nd Amendment rights as I am pro any right granted by our constitution. I will support and defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic."

Gary Swing

"I don't ask for anyone's vote. I only ask that people act in accordance with their own conscience. Here's a summary of my platform:

- End US foreign military interventions.
- Restrict the US armed forces to non-offensive defense of US territory.
- Abolish nuclear weapons.
- Eliminate foreign military aid.
- Create a nonviolent, humanitarian foreign policy.
- Develop a global food security program designed to end world hunger and ensure that people have access to safe drinking water.
- Eliminate the electoral college. A chief executive with strictly limited powers should by appointed by a unicameral Congress under a parliamentary system of government.
- Abolish the US Senate.
- Elect the US House of Representatives by proportional representation to create an inclusive multi-party system that secures fair representation for a politically diverse population.
Support a national initiative and referendum process, A new Constitutional Convention should be held at least once every 20 years so that each generation can design its own system of government.
- Support “fair trade” policies, freedom of travel, and international work permits that are not tied to a specific employer.
- Institute a universal basic income.
- Use carbon taxes to include environmental impacts in the cost of new products.
- Create a single-payer national health insurance system.
- Support family planning programs.
- Reduce our per capita ecological footprint and develop a “steady-state” economy based on principles of environmental sustainability. Support international agreements to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
- Stop subsidizing fossil fuels and nuclear energy. No oil from tar sands or shale oil development. Support conservation and energy efficiency. I support a Green New Deal to transition to 100% renewable energy by 2030, including solar, wind, hydroelectric and geothermal power."

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Undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Denver’s Department of Media, Film & Journalism Studies led by Graduate Teaching Assistant T. Michael Boddie contributed to the reporting in this candidate guide.