The Colorado Voter’s Guide To The 2020 Election

This year's election is probably the most consequential election in recent memory. Not only is there a high profile presidential election that will influence how the country navigates several crises like coronavirus and recession, but Colorado's Senate seat will help determine control of the chamber. Zeroing in on "all politics is local," there's a closely-watched race in the 3rd Congressional District and 11 statewide ballot measures for Colorado voters to consider.

We hope this comprehensive and convenient non-partisan guide will help voters across the state make sense of a lengthy ballot in a crucial election. Curious how we put this guide together? Take a look at this quick explanation. Looking for more in-depth information on what's up for the vote in Denver? Fear not, Denverite has you covered.

Scroll down, or hit the quick jump buttons below, to find candidate comparisons for the major statewide races and the Regional Transportation District, as well as the amendments and propositions in front of you. There's also a section of quick links to help you find all the info you need to fill out and return your ballot. Happy voting.

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Voter Quick Links

Where The Candidates Stand

RTD Board of Director Candidates

Constitutional Amendments On The Ballot

Statewide Propositions On The Ballot

Proposition EE

Proposition 113

Proposition 114

Proposition 115

Proposition 116

Proposition 117

Proposition 118

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