Colorado 5th Congressional District 2020: Rep. Doug Lamborn, Jillian Freeland, Ed Duffett, Rebecca Keltie And Marcus Murphy On The Issues

The 5th Congressional District has long been served by Republican Rep. Doug Lamborn who is looking for re-election to his eighth term. The Democratic challenger is Jillian Freeland. Ed Duffett is the Libertarian candidate and Rebecca Keltie represents the Unity Party. There is also an independent candidate in the district in Marcus Allen Murphy.

The candidates appear here in the order they are set on the ballot.

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Candidate Elevator Pitch

Rep. Doug Lamborn

The candidate has not returned a questionnaire.

Jillian Freeland

"Colorado's 5th District deserves a Representative who will fight for families and be accountable to their constituents. I will always put the needs of the people in my district first by guaranteeing excellent healthcare, clean air and water, and a paycheck that pays the bills. As an entrepreneur, midwife, and middle-class mom, I know the difficulty of raising a family in an expensive community, getting kids a great education, finding a balance between work and life, and worrying about the future of our nation and planet.

I pledge to hold ten town halls every year to give people a chance to share their struggles and make sure I follow through with my promises. I'll deliver for Coloradans!"

Ed Duffett

The candidate has not returned a questionnaire.

Rebecca Keltie

"Rebecca Keltie, the moderate candidate for all sides and in the middle that everyone has been waiting for! Make the Change!"

Marcus Allen Murphy

"Save Women's Healthcare & Medicare/-id!"

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Candidate Comparisons

Where do the candidates stand on the issues? We've lined up a comparison of the candidates below compiled through a combination of CPR reporting, candidate questionnaires, interviews, news stories, campaign websites, candidate social media as well as congressional records and releases. For more in-depth information, click on either "Yes," "No," or "It's Complicated."

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Undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Denver’s Department of Media, Film & Journalism Studies led by Graduate Teaching Assistant T. Michael Boddie contributed to the reporting in this candidate guide.